A season of inspiration (Part 3)

A season of inspiration (Part 3):

As affirming as all of the points of interest and inspiring places we visited this summer were the people we spent time with.  There was our immediate family, wonderful visits with relatives, and great times spent with friends.

However, the final event of the summer was the Megaplex 2017 convention.  I had the true privilege of assisting with the dealer’s den and artist alley surrounded by some of the most creative and diverse artists you could imagine.  There were the makers of costumes, traditional art, digital art, leather craft (journal covers, Mardi Gras masks, and medieval leather armor), books, games, and so many other things.  A great number of these were based upon completely original characters of such depth and complexity that it was truly gratifying to be there, sharing my work as well.  It is a wonderful, thriving, and vibrant community.

Megaplex 2017 Convention Book art by Genesis Whitmore

As you grow older, experience teaches you that there are hardships and difficulties that afflict all ages, and sadly no one is immune in this broken and imperfect world.  This year, one of those stories wandered into Megaplex, and he, also, was inspired by the fun and amazing things which appeared just for that fleeting weekend.  The whole convention embraced him (a “Wish Child”) and made him and his family feel like a welcome part of that community.  It was a wonderful way to end the summer seeing that no matter the background, no matter the attributes or labels society places upon us, we can set all of that aside for a moment and be truly something special when we focus on the welfare of someone else.

See you in the future!


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