On-going news!

Wow, okay, it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted anything because I’ve been WORKING on stuff!  Seriously.

First, as far as news, Foxena is working on the second book cover in the Beyond series which may also play a role in a revamped version of the first cover for The Rescue.  Why would I need a new cover for that book?  Well … perhaps it’s because I’m having an audio-book made of it!  Seriously, no kidding!  That’s two this year!  Again, Elizabeth Phillips is reprising her role at the narrator and is doing – as before – an amazing job bringing the characters to life!  I’m super excited, and she’s been doing an awesome job.  We’re now on chapter 10, believe it or not… Finally, I’m in about the same place with The Fallen in terms of its review (hopefully) for a June release as an eBook.

Thank you so very much again, and best of “chances” to all of you!

See you in the future,

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