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“Feasting on Memories” bonus story is now fully posted!

The “Bonus Story” Feasting on Memories is now complete!  Parts 5, 6, and the Epilogue have been posted for your reading pleasure!  For those who are wondering what this is about, Van (at right) is a character with a very … Continue reading

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Added “The Story” to the website, and finished Purebred 13

In retrospect, I probably should’ve figured this out earlier. While the website has lots of information such as when I write, why I write, and how I write, as well as information about the individual books, there isn’t any real … Continue reading

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Chapter 10 … Done!

Actually, chapter 10 has been done for a little while now, and I’m about 8 pages into chapter 11, but I don’t count a chapter as done until I’ve done an initial proofreading and read it to my lovely wife! … Continue reading

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