I have a lovely illustration made by a gifted artist for a child’s story in “Purebred!”

The following text is from my upcoming book Purebred: Soul of the Mixed Blood.
James Todd Lewis 2014.  It’s meant to be a story for Thurian children.

There once was a seed, lonely and true;
it fell all the way from the top of the moon.
The plants of the garden looked down in disgust,
at this poor wrinkled seed that was the color of rust.

“You look very strange!”
“Your markings aren’t right!”
“Your shape is all wrong!”
“Oh my, you’re a sight!”

“But I’m from a moon,” the seed tried to say,
but all the big plants just looked away.
From far up on high, the moon saw the plight,
of her sad little seed, all alone in the night.
A tear she then shed, and it fell to the ground
and watered the seed and the soil all around.
Then a small creature who also looked odd,
took its small paws and covered with sod,
that sad little seed amongst all those fine plants,
fully assured of their own elegance.

They paid no attention when its first sprout poked through,
the top of the ground all covered in dew.
And still they ignored as its branches stretched tall,
until one fine night it was taller than all.
They awoke and looked up in surprise the next sol,
at gorgeous gold blossoms – a sight to behold.
With awe, they confessed that the sad little seed
was worthy and special and honored, indeed.

So be kind when you see someone different or new,
for that sad little seed, after all,
could be you!goldenflower

Art Credit: (c) 2014 Vinci Nicolaides

Writing update:  Work on Purebred is continuing!  Edits are complete, and I’m reviewing Amazon’s CreateSpace as a possibility for publishing the book in paperback form!  I’m hoping to have the final draft of the electronic version done tonight so I can begin experimenting with the last piece of the puzzle… The audio version of the story!

Looking forward to making all of Purebred available for others to enjoy!

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