Incarnation Updated and Ascension loses 20,000 words!

Incarnation Updated and Ascension loses 20,000 words!  Oh, it’s all good!  Thus far, my editors haven’t come back with suggestions to lower the page count and tighten things up, but this time, for Ascension, they did.

So, I have been going through that story, again, listening for anything that could be safely dropped while preserving the overall story.  So far, there’s quite a lot.  It basically is close to two chapters’ worth at this point (over 20K words).

Now, the stuff I dropped was stuff I enjoyed, and some of it may come back as “fill in” stories here, but all things being equal, its loss will make Ascension a tighter and more well put together book.

Now, as far as Incarnation is concerned, I’ve gone through that with the best fine toothed comb I own to clean up and clean out as many syntax, grammar, and spelling issues as I can.  The update on Kindle is complete, and the upgrade on Create Space is underway.  I’ll be doing the same with Resurrection sometime soon, but in the meantime, I feel a lot better about Incarnation than I did before.

Progress on Aris is holding until I can get the review done for Ascension and get that out the door!  Then, with the clean-up of Resurrection and Incarnation complete, I should be able to move on to finishing Aris free and clear.  I’m hoping to have that one finished by the time we roll around to the big convention of the year, Megaplex!

In the meantime, I’ve been soaking up lots of inspiration material (including Milestones to Disaster by Winston Churchill, burning through Skyrim, and experiencing a little 3D thanks to an Oculus Rift).  More on that, later.  But, that’s it for now!

See you in the future!


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