New Novel! New Destinations! (I’m already on Chapter 3!)  Whenever I start writing a new book, it’s a little like going to a whole new destination, especially since I’m doing more stand-alone stories.  This new book, Enemy Deity, is shaping up pretty well so far, and has a very strange creature as part of its central focus!  Think it looks like a nightmare fuel extravaganza?  Well, yes!  Also, it’s big.  About 12 feet high with its head fully extended.

Also, it’s really frighteningly smart and doesn’t empathize.  It has a skill set that would mean it could see you coming a long, long way away and do something about it.  Covered with whip-like tentacles and feelers, it’s the kind of thing that could follow a group through a forest, picking them off one by one silently and quickly.  It would be constantly surprising you with abilities you didn’t know it had because it’s clever enough not to use more than a tiny part of its arsenal at any one time.

Also, for a bit of an unusual twist, here are some of the things that are inspiring me on this new endeavor!  First, my trips to Mexico and the Caribbean!  The lush jungles and ancient temples are certainly something that helped create the setting for this book.  Second, as a part of “Project Paperback,” I spent time re-reading The Fallen.  I LOVE the Alahari scenes in that book, the ones occurring in the simple villages.  These primitive places are the foundations of a future society!  Third, I’m taking inspiration from any technology tree game, but I would also point to Age of Empires 2, as one of my favorites.  Salt into this a little standard science fiction star-ship stuff, and actually add in humans this time, and that’s a whole pile of creative stuff to pull from.

I have put off doing a journal entry because I wanted to have something to show you, but thanks to Kat Miller, I now do!  Again, she comes through with wickedly cool art!  Check her out here!

Thanks for being along for the journey and see you in the future!