NOW IN PAPERBACK:  THE RESCUE!!!  The first book of The Thurian Saga is now available in paperback!  When I started this little adventure in publishing not so long ago, I used a different firm than Amazon.  Their high prices to create a paperback book and their lack of an eBook solution meant I didn’t want to stick around.  However, at the time, it was fairly difficult to put out a paperback book with Amazon.  Now, Amazon seems to be promoting paperback books along with offering certain economies of scale to lower the price.

So, I am very happy to be able to bring you The Rescue: The First Visitation of Thuria in all three formats – paperback, eBook, and audio book.  Over the summer, I’m hoping to release re-edited versions of all of the books in paperback and eBook form, making at least two formats available.  This is finally where I’ll be able to take little notes people have sent me about mistakes and correct them.

Short term, however, my “goal of the day” is to get Ascension: Beyond Book Three into eBook form for the editors so they can begin looking at it.  That, and enjoy a few movies as I do so!

Take care and see you in the future!


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