PUBLISHING DIARY: Gratitude, Gratitude, and Thank You!

PUBLISHING DIARY:  Gratitude, Gratitude, and Thank You!  (Currently editing chapter 22!)  Okay, this is way overdue,  but I’ve wanted to say this for awhile – “Thank you!”

Thank you?  To whom?  Well, let’s make a list, shall we?  I have an awesome wife who supports me in this little hobby, and children who are interested in what I’m doing and are proud of me.  I have great parents who not only worked to give me the education I use while doing this, but also my Dad helps edit my books.  Speaking of editors, we have a dear family friend named Deborah who does the same – she’s a true blessing.  Beyond this, I have two great friends (Gen & Fox) who are artists who will not only help me but give me very honest viewpoints.  I really appreciate them.  There are other artists and friends who have provided their talents or reviews or encouragement – too many to mention by name but still – thank you.  Also, to every single reader without exception, “Thank you!”

When I get this far into the editing process, I start to feel that transition from “it’s just something I wrote” to “this is now an honest to goodness book,” and it’s a moment where I’ll admit I’m a little proud.  Only, however, a little.  See, it’s really great to have written ten books and published eight of them (so far), but in the end please understand that even in “self publishing”, there’s so many more helpers than just myself.  So… Thank you all so very much.  In closing, please allow me to quote the dedication of all of my books…

With thanks eternal to my God,
 my family,
and my friends.

See you in the future,

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