PUBLISHING DIARY: The last mile … and a half of the publishing marathon.

PUBLISHING DIARY:  The last mile … and a half of the publishing marathon.  As a random thing this morning, I looked up how long a marathon actually was, and wow – okay, for those of you who run those things, you have my undying respect and NONE of my envy!  Similarly, a friend of mine who just got her Doctorate told me that she actually had to have business cards made with the word “Doctor” in front of her name to keep her going down the last stretch!  She posted one to her door just so she’d keep seeing it.

Trying to put out a book, as you can tell from these posts, is a marathon of sorts.  It’s not the same kind of continuous grind that the real race is, surely, but there is a LOT to do.  Even here, when I think I’m (hopefully) going to be able to publish the eBook this weekend and the paperback soon after, I’m still dealing with every little detail!

Here are the kinds of things that are left…

  • Update the Abbreviated Thurian Reference at the back of the book to contain this book’s major characters.
  • Format and place the preview of Ascension that goes at the back of the book, perhaps spending some time to pick out a good “preview” of the upcoming attraction.
  • Select search keywords that will be placed into the eBook and also in the description of the paperback so that readers can find the book.
  • Review every file in the eBook to make sure it is update to date and contains information for THIS book and not the one copied from.
  • Review every page of the final compiled file of the eBook to make sure there are no formatting, table of contents, or identification issues (I did just change the title last week, yo.).
  • Design an update to the web site to describe the new book.
  • Submit the paperback book and have a proof copy created to make sure that the cover translates well from RGB to CYMK (computer monitor colors to print colors).

Believe it not, that is where you are at the last week before publishing!  Now, I also have to admit that I have been working two different threads here.  I spent significant time reviewing Ascension (essentially putting in the edits I found and running Grammerly across the whole thing) so that I’ll be able to give that book to the editors at almost the exact moment I publish.  That way, the long pole in the tent (editing) gets a kick start, and that might allow me to publish the last book before the end of the year or hopefully VERY early next.  It’s also my way of trying to give the editors an easier job with fewer errors to highlight.

I’m very excited about getting these last two books of the core arc of The Thurian Saga out the door, but I’m also excited about getting to work on the next book – Legacy of Aris.  I have ideas about how to change the look and feel of the books, the covers, and the new characters/species!

Despite the amount of work required to get a project like this out the door, I am happy and enjoy doing it.  I hope you enjoy reading it half as much!

Thanks and see you in the future!


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