PUBLISHING DIARY: What to do when you are waiting? WRITE!

PUBLISHING DIARY: What to do when you are waiting?  WRITE!  Yes!  New stories!  Actually one short story already posted to, updates to another, and yet another story on the way!

Okay, so before I get to other details, let me explain the image.  This is from the short story Feasting on Memories found on the Bonus Stories page.  Looks like driving lessons just got interesting!  The epilogue also has a new illustration, both of these courtesy of Kat Miller!

Now, image updates aren’t the only new material!  There is actually a new back story for Theo de Allarrae!  Check out the story chapter Suriana Six, which I hope will be the first of several “Theo” adventures!  To that point, I’m actually writing another story called “Aris Five” using a new word processor (usually, I use Microsoft Word).

The software I’m using now is called Scrivener.  Scrivener has the ability to allow you to story board out a story, write chapters, and collect research information all together in one application and in one project.  A friend of mine (Gen!) found the software on sale for like $20, and so I decided to give it a try.  We’ll see how Aris Five turns out.  This is actually a rewrite of a story I did previously, but it was written more in the “fan-fiction” genre, and so I’m going to have to strip those parts away to make it a purely original story.  So far, so good, and I’m having fun with it!

As the editors need their time to review books this big, this period ends up being a pretty fun little diversion into other writing things I might not try if I was in the middle of a big project!  Anyway, I hope you like the new images and the new stories!

See you in the future,


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