The Summit: Rise of the Anati


With the help of their family houses and the mysterious Theo, Sahnassa de Orturu and Vanarra de Gonari brought about the complete collapse of the powerful and corrupt house de Caterra. Now, all of Thuria struggles to recover from the enormous losses of that conflict. The Allegiance of the Anati, a renegade band of rebellious mixed-bloods, have agreed to negotiate peace with house de Gonari, but it’s soon peace at a price Vanarra’s house can ill afford. When the talks fall apart, the Grand Matriarch reaches out to her house’s only mixed blood daughter.

When Vanarra takes charge of the negotiations, she’s targeted by factions on all sides – including those with deadly intent. To help protect her, Theo grants Sahnassa the awesome powers of a Teldear. As forces hurry to the two friends’ defense, even deadlier foes relentlessly target Vanarra and all those she loves. When it’s discovered that the leadership of another house is trying to assassinate Vanarra, the houses begin to prepare for open war.

Only moments remain before Thuria is destroyed with the rising of the Anati!


EBook at 751 Pages (eBook estimated)

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