What’s in the backlog of things to do?

What’s in the backlog of things to do?  Well, it’s not just coming up with the story, and to make that clear, here’s what is on my plate right now for “things to do!”

  1. Finish the last pre-editor review for The Legacy of Aris and send the updated eBook to the editors for review.
  2. Gavyn Lumier has found numerous edits and updates that can be made to Ascension: Beyond Book III.  I’ll be looking at those and applying them to the eBook and paper copies to benefit future purchasers.
  3. Trials of the Teldear needs a paperback edition.
  4. The Summit:  Rise of the Anati needs a paperback edition.
  5. The Fallen:  Search for the Path needs a paperback edition.
  6. The Ascent: Conflict on Thuria needs a paperback edition.
  7. Rough sketches and character design concepts need to be created for Enemy Deity and provided to Kat Miller for refinement.
  8. Archiving of the Scriviner files for previous books needs to occur.
  9. Writing on Enemy Deity needs to begin.

I’m glad this is hobby I enjoy, and thank you for being along for the journey!  See you in the future!


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