Reading guide

“You have so many books!  Where would I even start?”

It’s a question I get because there are, yes, quite a number of books out there.  There are two ways to get started with the books – pick whatever feels right to you!


Now, some books can be read as “stand-alone” stories.  While they might be part of a larger arc, the story doesn’t “leave you hanging” so-to-speak or require reading prior books to know what is going on.


If you want to read multiple books in the “right” order, I can help you there!  Let me offer you three alternatives:  the short order, the full order, and the written order.

  • Short Order:  Uses the “in-universe” historical order, skipping several books but still forms a cohesive story.
  • Full Order:  Uses the “in-universe” historical order across all books.
  • As Written Order:  The order the books were written in, which is probably not the most useful.


My suggestion for new readers – Go with the Short Order.  If you like it, you can always go back and try the books you skipped!  So, here it is!