Writing Time

Well, there’s working time, family time, travel time, shopping time, clean-up time, and time after time after time.  How can anyone carve out “writing time!?”  Well, it is possible.  First, you have to make it understood to yourself and anyone close to you that “writing time” is a goal.  They can’t help you if they don’t know.  Now, the family’s needs must still be met, and work’s requirements must still be met.  If you’re thinking about taking time from those two, that’s bad.  Also, you may have other obligations that mean as much as even those two.  You may volunteer at a church or at a charity; certainly the time allocated for those things doesn’t need to be up for replacement.  “Writing time” can only happen in those discretionary parts of your day.

Second, “writing time” requires sacrifice.  There’s no way to add one or two hours to each day that weren’t there before – unless something else takes the hit.  What takes the hit?  Well, first on the list is “entertainment time.”  If you derive enjoyment from writing, then there shouldn’t be as much of a need for being entertained.  So, video games, football games, movies, television, and all of those other pastimes (or shall we say “pass” times?) have to give it up.  If you’re not willing to do that, then you don’t need another task on your list.

Third, “writing time” is precious.  You need the tools to make the most out of any time you are able to allocate.  Have a regular place that’s quiet and uninterrupted, if at all possible.  Make sure you have your writing tools accessible in that area (see “What I use” for more info).  Then, simply make sure you start.  Don’t fuss, ponder, contemplate, or plan – do all that in those minutes in the car or while you’re waiting at the doctor’s office or wherever.  When it’s time to write, it’s time to write – so start typing or scribbling something.  If you’re worried about failing or using the wrong word or spelling, forget it.  That’s what “editing time” is for.  Just start putting ideas onto paper.  Wonderful things can happen when you do.


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