family gathering (Comments)

Story by James Todd Lewis;  Chapter and section breaks by Kat Miller!
An extension of the story told in The Summit (available as an eBook from Amazon)!
(c) All characters copyright of James Todd Lewis (2015)


(Warning:  Spoilers…)  Okay, so that is Family Gathering, a little piece which gives you a bit of insight into what happened between The Summit and The Fallen.  Now, truth be known, it’s not actually all that little.  It comes in at more than 42,000 words, which – according to The Writer’s Circle – lands it very solidly in the category of novella.

Now, although there are several narratives in here, there is no strong world-shattering one.  Again, this is a piece of fiction intended to go “between” the novels, and the novels are where the big action occurs.  These bits are about character development, and because I really wanted to get this down!

There are a few reasons why I wrote this.  I wanted to explore the romance between Kylie and her Izar beloved, Caloizar.  I also wanted to provide a closure episode for Vanarra’s visions about Lake Reston.  Finally, Tallen’s joining proposal was also something that, ahem, certain readers (maybe one in particular) wanted to see.

Beyond that, there was an opportunity to put a little detail into a character that had been present in many of the books, certainly notable in Purebred, but didn’t develop all that much.  Also, it was fun to watch the former de Caterra, Liana, transition into her new life – what that meant for her and how difficult it was.

One detail in addition:  the camping trip detailed in this story is actually mentioned in the opening chapter of The Fallen.

I very much hoped you enjoyed reading this.


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