Betrayal begets anger – Where we all are vulnerable…

betrayedFew things hurt us in life as much as betrayal.  The betrayal can come in many forms and spawn from many different types of relationships.  It can be real or imagined; substantial or immaterial.  It can be a behavior where the other person simply has no idea what we expect from them – a blind spot of theirs, or a blind spot of ours.  Regardless, betrayal represents a violation of who we are or who we see ourselves as, whether just or unjust.

In Purebred, Vanarra is hurt over and over again by those purebred avowed of a family house.  It makes her fearful and distrusting of anyone from that group.  However, it turns her into the very thing she hates – someone who judges another without really knowing them or giving them a chance.  When she dares to try just a little to see past that history of pain, the accidental disclosure of message throws her budding friendship with Sahnassa into doubt.  The result is what you see.  While there is anger, dangerously so, there is real hurt and fear in those eyes.  Kat Miller did a marvelous job capturing that particular moment.

My hope is that we learn from Van’s example, and use forgiveness and focus away from self as a way to release ourselves from the hurt of betrayal.  Then, perhaps, we can try very hard not to judge one by the greater number ever again.

See you in the future!


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