The Thurian Saga now has a truly epic overture!  Exceptionally talented composer and musician, Iain James Armour, has just created an amazing overture for The Thurian Saga!  Mr. Armour has recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London and with the 70-piece City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

I met and got to spend a little time with Mr. Armour at events over the past few years, and when I stumbled across a potential theme for the Saga, I asked him if he would take the project.  I was thrilled that he agreed!

What he delivered was so perfect in expanding the simple melody I pieced together in Garage Band.  The slow strains of the orlure (the cello) begin simply and sadly, as does the beginning of Vanarra’s life.  Tragedy and sadness meld into a theme that starts bare and picks up both amazing color and direction in progressively greater measure.  Following the character’s life, this echoes the hard work and opportunity that blossoms into a life that is much more positive and hopeful.  The scene switches then to the tragedy at the Meeting Den where otherworldly help rescues her, restores her, and then helps her carry her life beyond from adventure to adventure.  Finally, her work done, the arc of music finally closes at an ending which hints that even more is beyond the horizon.

This was a dream I had for a long time, and one that was truly made reality by Mr. Armour.  My thanks to you, Sir, and I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I do!

As a note, this was made for and paid for by the author, and so although you are free to copy and listen to it, please do not use it for any other purpose.

Also, because I’ve had the request, here is the original theme I put together on Garage Band.

Thanks so much Ian!   Everyone, see you in the future!

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