Audio Introduction

Listen as the main characters of the Thurian Saga books introduce themselves.

Vanarra and Sahnassa

by Elizabeth Phillips (Narration) | Music: Royalty Free Kings

Suriana Six

This story is not necessarily within the timeline of the rest of the books, meaning they could have occurred either before or after, but they are from the same universe.  These stories are small and episodic and meant to give a little more insight into this mysterious and powerful race.

Feasting on Memories

This story is set between chapters 20 and 21 in the book, Purebred.  It’s an interesting insight into how Sahni and Van relied on each other as friends, not to mention explaining how Vanarra learned to protect herself and drive like a maniac!  Illustrations by Kat Miller! 

Reunion of Chance

This story is set between chapters 20 and 21 in the book, Purebred.  It covers relations between Sahnassa and her mother, not to mention a little side adventure for Van & Flint!  Illustrations by Kat Miller!  (Complete as of 9/15/15.)

Tanatta’s Restoration

This story happens after the events that occur in the book The Summit.  It explores the close friendship that came to be between three prominent characters in that book:  Lyssia de Oterbythe, Bushor de Oterbythe, and Tanatta Fireclaw.  (Complete as of 9/15/15.)

Family Gathering

When the events of The Summit (available as an eBook from Amazon) conclude, there’s a great deal to celebrate.  Wouldn’t it be nice to check in on those who made such a difference in their world, see how they’re getting along?  Well, here’s your chance…

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