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Science Fiction Fantasy with inspiring characters, a multi-book story arc, and worlds far away from Earth!  Please, browse the books below and explore the Thurian Saga!


(NOW AVAILABLE!) On a world where Earth is a long-forgotten memory, Jayan is fourteen years old, living and working on his family’s farm.  Like an unexpected shadow, the echoes of troubles long past start to cast their pall upon his world.  Hiding in a box canyon, Jayan is nearly drowned by a flash flood which opens an undiscovered cave in the rocks at the end of the stream.  When he explores where all of that water drained, he finds the cave, and he finds something else – something he can’t understand or explain.

To Morzan, the planet of Alkyr Two was a refuge, a hiding place.  His was the invincible species, or so his kind had thought.  At the last battle, seeing his own kind doomed by the futility of their decisions, he betrayed them, turning a super-weapon on his own and fleeing into uncharted space.  Has he any hope of absolution or redemption when his kind killed by the billions?

With a royal heir as her anchor and security, Relitha combines intellect with a relentless will to fashion a brutal and calculating conspiracy worthy of the feared goddess Aris, herself. Can the suffering Mayara free themselves from her bloody reign before the Legacy of Aris consumes them all? If they do, what kind of future awaits them beneath her baleful stare?

Vanarra de Gonari is becoming.  She is reaching the end of a journey started nearly two thousand seasons ago as a homeless orphaned outcast.  Gifted now with long life and extraordinary abilities, she looks towards a moment where all she is will join with those closest to her soul.  In the future, she will close her eyes as Vanarra and awaken anew as a powerful ascended being – Vanassa.

Brutally beaten to death in front of her, the tragic loss of Vanarra’s mother had always defined who she was. Now, seventeen hundred and forty seasons later, she stares down in astonishment at her very own mother lying upon a hospital bed, inexplicably alive! 

There has been peace between the houses for nearly one hundred seasons, but the sick and elderly Grand Matriarch of de Gonari is not at peace.  Her lifelong friend, Sahnassa, has gone missing and reports even suggest she ended her own life at sea.  Vanarra cannot believe it.  She feels her dear presence whenever she dreams at night.  Now she must decide if she should follow her friend into an amazing and uncertain future!

A crystalline being with amazing powers transformed the small animals humanity brought with them to their new world.  Forming those changed creatures into a colony, it promised to nurture and shepherd the young race into maturity.  More than two hundred years later, only a few colonists still inhabit their once proud underground city.  On the edge of extinction, their elderly leader approaches the time of her passing.  The trials of a new Teldear must soon begin.

Orphaned by the brutal death of her mother right before her very eyes, a young Anati child flees into a nightmare of lonely survival, desperate hunger, and fearfully haunted nights.  In the same city, a young purebred Nephti has everything she could ever want – prestigious parents, a noble family house, and a well-appointed lair.  These two will become the heroines of their age and legends of the ages to come, but the path that leads them there will be neither easy nor glorious.

Bombings, sniper attacks, assaults, hijackings, assassinations, and worse unleash untold devastation heretofore unseen in the entire history of planet Thuria!  The blame for all of the pain and agony of this most dreadful of dawns is laid upon the mixed bloods, and all of the gains they have made seem destined to disappear in the smoldering embers of ruin and despair.  Can the ancient legend of tribal Nephti healer save them?

When Vanarra takes charge of the negotiations with the  Allegiance of the Anati, she’s targeted by factions on all sides – including those with deadly intent!  To help protect her, Theo grants Sahnassa the awesome powers of a Teldear. As forces hurry to the two friends’ defense, even deadlier foes relentlessly target Vanarra and all those she loves. When it’s discovered that the leadership of another house is trying to assassinate Vanarra, the houses begin to prepare for open war.

The morning after uncovering a terrifying conspiracy that could ravage her world, Matron Sahnassa de Orturu learns that the powerful and mysterious alien from her past has returned! Together, they must convince the great houses the threat to planet Thuria is real!  As the conspiracy begins to unfold, de Caterra treachery infiltrates and cripples the great houses while the enslaved Vulpi perform unspeakable acts of horror for their Faelnar masters. 

Together, Sahnassa de Orturu and Vanarra de Gonari brought about one of the most spectacular rescues in the history of planet Thuria – saving almost fifteen hundred from an icy death high in the Yarvea mountains! Upon returning home, they are pulled into a frightening world of family espionage and deception, Sahnassa and Vanarra must discover who is plotting against them, or risk losing everything they have, even their very lives!

The bridge connecting the grand and storied Meeting Den Resort with the outside world has collapsed! The resort’s buildings are on fire, and the worst ice storm in five hundred seasons is on the way. Thurians of every age and rank are now trapped high in the Yarvea mountains without heat, communications, or food. With no ability to escape on their own, the coming sunrise might well be their last unless one female cast-out chooses to help them! What will she decide?

Reader Comments

“They really make you think about the inner-workings of this society from another world which, in some ways, is similar to our own.  Very thought provoking! A must read!” – Deborah, NC

Reader Comments

“I really enjoyed reading the book! It takes you to another world! Hard to put down!” – Allison, GA

Reader Comments

“I really enjoyed the first two books in the series, the Rescue, and the Aftermath! I couldn’t put them down! So I am looking forward to reading the next two…” – Arthur, VA

Reader Comments

“Fantastic!!! You’re a terrific writer and can really tell a story!” – Cindy, FL

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