New Story, New Worlds, New Challenges!

New Story, New Worlds, New Challenges!

After writing about Thurians, their struggles, and their world for nearly 10 years, it is a difficult task to start writing about a completely new set of characters on a different world with different problems.  With my previous books, I had an established multiple species, their form of government, several religions, and a complete timeline. Now, we exchange that for a desert world that is ultimately doomed whose inhabitants hate their own gods because their gods punish them or have tried to deceive them.  Births are tightly controlled, and being “excess population” (unapproved by the state), means that you are last in the distribution of food.

It’s a world where hope is mocked and where desperation is the common outlook, one orphaned female is determined to bravely overcome her designation at “excess” and offer her unique gifts and insight to her people to lead them into a brilliant future.  If you think that is the heroine of our story, you’d be wrong!

Now, will there be characters in this story you will recognize?  Yes, but it is not the same story retold, and that’s the fun part, right?  Something new with a dash of the familiar.  In the end, it’s something I hope you enjoy!

See you in the future!


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