Only two more chapters to go, and Purebred will be fully edited!

Hi all!

Trying really hard to push Purebred forward, getting all the edits marked before I go back and make them.  According to how many MP3’s I have left and their times, I have about two hours worth of editing remaining before I can start making the changes to the actual manuscript!  I’m excited about this one, I have to admit!  Purebred is a book that goes back and explores the history of the two main characters, Sahnassa and Vanarra.  It’s just so good to see them this way – new, uncertain, and finding out who and what they are.  I think we all have sympathy for that, because we remember being there – the famous “coming of age.”

However, I think that it’s not accurate to say “coming of age” is something that happens only once in our younger years.  The truth is, the longer I live, the more I realize that you have to make choices every single day about who you are and what you will become.  If you realize it or not, we are always “coming of age.”  Further, there are times when you have to make changes in your life – pursue new directions and leave old ones behind.  It may be more education.  It may be deciding to put away something that has been slowing you down.  I may be finally forgiving someone who hurt you and moving on with your life.  I’ve seen what happens when people can make those types of changes, and worse, I see what happens if they stagnate.  I think “coming of age” isn’t a time of our lives, it’s an outlook, and it’s one way forward.

As far as other updates, someone told me about, and that there are cheap “gigs” there that will allow you to increase traffic to your website.  As suspected, however, you get what you pay for.  Fifteen dollars might get you a lot of hits, and to some, that might be an ego boost, but in reality, if it’s not the right audience, it’s fifteen dollars wasted!  There are other opportunities there, as well, but as I consider them more and more, most of them are vanity plays – make your logo appear cool with music and computer animation, have a professional do a voice reading of something you’ve read, or have someone do a positive blog entry on your book, product, or service.  There may be a place for these things, and I’ll certainly keep bookmarked, but it’s not the answer; maybe, at best, it’s parts of an answer.

Until later, take care, and see you in the future!

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