The Legacy of Aris – Book 11 Manuscript is FINISHED!!!

The Legacy of Aris – Book 11 Manuscript is FINISHED!!!  And now, as before, the real work begins!  This book represents a shift from the original arc of Vanarra, Sanassa, and Theo to a whole new race and species.  While linked to the same universe (in fact characters from the prior books and this book meet – minor spoiler), the story is completely new and accessible to readers who haven’t got a long history with the story to date.  Hopefully, those who like my books will find something enjoyable as well as those who don’t know my books.  I recently turned this into a post on Facebook and surprised more than a few people.

The order they are in the date they were written in, not the date that they were published or their order in the chronological history.  I may also create a “simple” chronology for those who are wondering where to start.  So, look for me to create a “tease” for Legacy of Aris and that real soon!

See you in the future!



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