In retrospect, I probably should’ve figured this out earlier. While the website has lots of information such as when I write, why I write, and how I write, as well as information about the individual books, there isn’t any real short, compelling information about the characters in the stories. That is really an oversight on my part. So, I have added a little section that introduces the two main characters found throughout the books. It isn’t much, just a short biographical sketch, but it should be enough for someone who’s never read the books before to get a basic idea of the characters and of the conflicts. My goal was to shoot for something shorter than 150 words per character, and that was harder than it first appeared. After all, a poet can express a world of beauty in but a few phrases while a novelist needs 500 pages to do the exact same thing.

What some may find interesting, if not downright amusing, is that I have added a little music I have written to the page. For someone who goes and consumes the page wants, hopefully the music will add to the experience and not to detract from that while those who have to listen to it time and again will probably tire of it. 😉

So, if you get a chance, check out the website and the new page and let me know what you think of it. Formatting is always a challenge for me in this tool, as it was meant to be a web blog tool and not a complete custom website design apparatus. Some of my nicer tricks, such as embedded tables and custom backgrounds don’t work so well. Maybe the nicer tricks would actually detract from the content not help it, I guess that’s possible.

In terms of writing updates, I continue to add to the second story in the “Beyond” series, and I just finished editing Purebred chapter 13. I really enjoy that book! I know that after all of the movies we see that are origin stories, in point of fact some of them we’ve seen several times several times, some people get tired of seeing those kinds of narratives, but with two characters like this who are so diverse and so different in their backgrounds, it’s very useful to get an idea of where they came from. I should also point out that this book is the one book that doesn’t have any science fiction in it, other than the Thurian race, itself. No aliens in this one! Still, I think it is wonderful set up for those stories that contain such elements, and I hope you will, too!

Thank you, and see you in the future!