Actually, chapter 10 has been done for a little while now, and I’m about 8 pages into chapter 11, but I don’t count a chapter as done until I’ve done an initial proofreading and read it to my lovely wife! 🙂

It’s a few sols (days) now since the horrible attacks, and those in positions of power (especially those whose position of power is being threatened by the attacks and their consequences) are starting to actually look at evidence and ask hard questions.  They have stopped just reacting and are seeking the truth, actively trying to pick themselves off the floor and make some sense of what happened.

In the meantime, Sahni and her cohorts have stumbled across an strange presence invisibly stalking one of their friends.  The question is, with so much going on, what can you do about it?  Do you reach out with a gentle touch or do you swiftly shew it away?  Given the other perspective, what would it be like to open your curtain and look outside onto a scene you’re familiar with, only to have that curtain yanked closed.  When you opened it again, everything is gone – just gone.  No matter how far you look or how hard you listen (or even how far you walk or smell), there is nothing – just a white, featureless landscape.  It may not make sense here, but in the book, it does.  Thanks for tuning in … see you later.