Hi there!

I know it’s been awhile since my last post, but this is the time of year when time gets more than a little compressed.  The last few weeks of summer vacation includes things you expect – like visiting family and getting organized for the coming school year – and things you don’t, and we’ll leave it at that.  One addition I will mention has been a very welcome discussion from someone I used to work with about the Bible, theology, religion, and all kinds of other good subjects.  I LOVE discussing this stuff, in particular with someone who has questions and is willing to challenge the answers without getting personal – that’s a rare find, indeed.  So, much of my spare bandwidth time beyond writing for the book (I have that?) has been poured into those conversations.

There is also, I have to admit, a final, hard run to get to the end of the book (or at least through the major story sequences) at this point.  So here I sit, today, with literally only two parts left to write – the final closing chapter and the epilogue.  This is a book where the culture of Thuria will change significantly, and for the better.  This also ends the main story arc that began with the Rescue.  Although there is at least one side story that could be worked into a full novel, I’ll probably leave that one alone for now, and go back to it when I’m feeling nostalgic.

Next up at bat, if things go well, will be a book that chronicles the events that happen after the epilogue in the Rescue.  I have more than a few ideas rolling around in my head about that series (which may include its own offshoot work based on a colony that is talked about in this series).

I also have to back off from writing for a number of months to take care of other related items – cover art, for example.  I also need to get busy again on my query letters to literary agents.  So, it will probably happen (God willing) much like it did this year, where September is spent editing and formatting, and then cover art, querying, and Christmas will take up the rest of the year.  Then, in January, hopefully, I’ll begin “troving” for the new story arc and its first novel.  I may also use this time to go through and look for any revisions that need to be made to the other books, and I’m considering posting a short(ish) story on-line, here, as example of my writing (still thinking about that one, though).

Finishing this book has taken a lot of thought, and a few back and forth steps, but I’m hoping it will be worth it when I edit the whole and listen to it all in one go (over a few days, of course).  Hopefully, The Fallen, will soon have its page on this site.

Take care and see you in the future!