One thing you may not appreciate in the artistry of someone who draws “cartoon animal pictures” is exactly how much detail a really good picture requires.  Take a look at the details of key areas of the cover to the new book, Trials of the Teldear.  Artist Laura Pierson included texture in the fabric, stitching in the banner, thread in the seams of the clothes, facets in the eyes, and so many other features that I was and continue to be blown away at how marvelous a piece of artwork this is.  It takes TIME to create works like this.  I think that you’ll see that in the cover of this and several of my other books, as well.

I’ll be posting this and one other picture in my FA gallery very soon.  I hope you enjoy the cover, and although one shouldn’t always judge a book by its cover, I’m hoping that this book will live up the amazing work Laura provided.  Also, I just put the last words down for Feasting on Memories, Part 5.  So, my goal is to post that later this week.

Thanks and see you in the future!