The Books of the Thurian Saga has an amazing new website!  There are so many new features that it’s hard to list all of them, but here are a few!

  • Moving backgrounds!!!
  • In-page animation!!!
  • Layouts that work on desktop browsers as well as tablets and cell phones!!!
  • Updated reading guide!!!
  • Easy navigation on any platform!!!
  • Book samples in virtual “e-readers”!!!

Keep reading or click here to see the front page!

This update is especially edifying to me because I know where I started!  In very late 2010, I built a single, hand-coded web page I when I had only three books and had just started limited selling.  In 2013, I used WordPress for the first time and then steadily grew out the site with more and more information, stories, and so forth.  There was even a mobile version which used a reconstructed blog post so people on mobile devices would at least see a website they could read, and such would work as a minimally serviceable jumping-off point to Amazon.

However, late last year, I received notice that the mobile theme was going away in March.  Besides that, the website looked a little small, a little old, and a little dusty against what is possible.  After doing some research, I ended up selecting Divi by Elegant Themes as my new platform.  Thanks to GoDaddy’s staging area, I was able to build most of the site without impacting the existing one.  Last week, I rolled the staging site into production and started seeking input and making updates!

Now, I’m thrilled to share the result of that hard work!  This is ONE of the many projects I’m working on, but one I felt needed to be done early in the year because there was a literal clock ticking over my head!

I’m really looking forward to what this new platform can bring the users of the site, and I hope you enjoy it.  Please post any comments or creative criticisms over on my Facebook  page (links in the border below), and see you in the future!


PS:  If you want to see the site over time, please go to the Internet Wayback machine!