In … through … and beyond! – It’s probably one of the better quotes from a movie called “The Black Hole,” which while it has its flaws, is still a move I like.  The experience for me is strange, though, the amazing moment when you realize that you’ve written like fifty – no sixty two! – pages, and you hadn’t thought you’d really even started, yet!  Already, I’m embroiled in another story – another narrative, another giant and tangled and wonderful tale starting to work its way from somewhere in my head out onto the page.mugzapPost

The short form for my progress and plans is this… I hope to have the first book of the Beyond trilogy edited and ready for publishing by the Megaplex convention in 5th through 7th of August in Orlando, Florida.  I’m hoping to have paper copies to sell and give away and even sign!  I’ll have to see about when I’ll release book 2, but it should be relatively close to the end of this year or (as this year’s experience proved) maybe a little bit into next year.  I’ve just started book three (well, I’m one tenth done if I go by my normal book length – really?!).  Good grief!  Okay, well, then I have to figure out what next to write – and … yeah, I have an idea.  It’s totally new, but will feature at least some cameos from the Thurian story.

Credits to Kat Miller for this amazing image, an illustration for the Bonus Stories on this site!

Alright, that’s it for tonight!  Thank you, and … See you in the future!