MinRig: My Minimum Writing Rig! How small and light can you go and still write quickly and accurately? Here’s my “MinRig.” We start with a Kindle Fire HD tablet – this is for a variety of reasons, but not the least of which is price-point balanced with flexibility. For a modest expense, you can get the tablet and a free word-processing program from the app store that saves your work in the “docx” format. The available covers are simple and puts the screen at a good angle for viewing.

The second component is an iClever Bluetooth keyboard. It folds out from a compact and resilient package which travels well. The only modifications I’ve added little self-adhesive rubber feet on the bottom to prevent slipping on slick surfaces. With that simple change, I have a rig which…

  1. Is exceedingly light at just over 2 pounds,
  2. Cost me well under $150 to purchase,
  3. Can side-load MOBI files for previewing my eBooks,
  4. Can play MP3 files side-loaded (useful for text-to-speech editing), and
  5. Can play music to drown out background noise where are.

For me, it’s nearly perfect. I only have one wish that it cannot seem to meet. I wish Scrivener was available on the Amazon App store. If that was present (DropBox already is), my “MinRig” would be hitting every mark! Well, hopefully, they’ll work on that! Anyway, more later!

See you in the future! JTL