Progress Report – The Legacy of Aris (and other projects).  What exactly is happening right now in the wonderful world of writing? 😉 The completed manuscript is now in its fourth internal (my own) review.  As a reminder, here they are…

  1. In-line review:  When I’m writing it, I go back and read the sections to see if anything blatant is wrong that my eye can quickly pick up on.
  2. Spell Check/Grammar Check:  Once the manuscript is complete, I give it over to Microsoft Word’s grammar checker and spelling checker.  I won’t make all of the changes it suggests, of course, but it finds a few things.
  3. Grammarly free check:  This is actually (even with the free version) a very arduous task.  No kidding!  It’s nearly soul siphoning!  It also finds a few things, but it takes a LONG time to do so.  Also, because it’s the free version, they skip finding things I know they could have found, but the numbers of things they say they could find in the pay version is … crazy high in number.
  4. Kindle text-to-speech check:  This is the first time the book makes it into Kindle form, and with my lovely Kindle Fire, I’m able to have it read it to me whilst I highlight things in the text I don’t like or that haven’t yet been discovered by the other two edits.  This is where we are right now, and I’m about 1/3 of the way through.

As for “Enemy Deity” – my new project, I have (believe it or not) all of the major story-line points developed, and I’m hoping to commence writing soon!  This will probably be as soon as I can turn over Legacy to the editors.

Also, I have some new edits to Ascension and a few more of the older titles to get into paperback!  That’s enough to keep me busy well past the end of the year!  Anyway, blessings to you and to yours, and I hope you are all doing well!

See you in the future!