Project Paperback Progress Posting!  Okay, I totally just did 4 “P” words together there for the fun of it.  First, I’d call my little celebration of October book month successful with the eBook give-away successful as over 2,000 copies were downloaded over five days!  Thank you!  I hope all of you enjoy the titles, and I very much hope you’ll think about leaving a Positive Review, as that always helps!

Second, we’re marching steadily forward towards getting the 4 books without paperback versions out there and available.  So far, the interiors of the books are done – formatted and corrected with new ISBNs!  Now, comes the part where the color covers have to be designed and developed.

In some places, as with the graphic you can see below, I’m tweaking the cover art and making small improvements.  Also, I’m going to want to put the Thurian Saga logo on the spines, as it is for several of the other books.  Once that’s done, then the four books Kindle versions will get updated and the paperbacks will be made available for sale!  My goal is to have all of this wrapped up by the end of October so I can start WRITING AGAIN!

Thanks again for being along for the journey, and I wish you the best!

See you in the future!