The Legacy of Aris is approaching two-thirds done!  This is book eleven for me, and this weekend was dedicated to going through a review of not only it, but Ascension, Resurrection, and even Incarnation!  One of my readers was kind enough to send me their Kindle notes on what he  found.  I found enough based on what he provided that I went through each of the books with his comments and with what my new version of Word could find and fix A LOT OF PROBLEMS!

Yes, a thousand times, yes – it is very frustrating to keep finding small things that are wrong after all of the edits we go through.  That said, it feels great to fix them!   Now, if you want to help while you’re reading the books on Kindle, then highlight a few words around the issue, put a comment as to what you think is wrong, and then send me your Kindle notes file on the book.  I can update and re-release the book with the corrections (Isn’t technology wonderful!).

For now, I’m just about to turn my attention to the final (yeah, right) checks for Ascension, and see if I can’t get that book out before March.  You never know; I just might! 😀

See you in the future!