It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but honestly, that’s not because I’ve been inactive.  I’m currently working on three projects at once, and I’m excited about each one of them!

First, I’m working on a new book.  Destiny’s Shepherds takes place on the human planet of Ausallia, one whose origins are shrouded in myth and legend.  It’s the world of the blacksmith’s forge, the farmer’s plow, and soldier’s rifle.  The sovereign rules a kingdom in peril, one constantly threatened by attacks from the south.  War seems imminent.  Jayan Farmer, the only son of a family that breeds and raises horses, watches his world crumble around him.  As fear blankets Kingstown, he is forced into hiding.  In that hiding place, however, he finds the secret to save everyone he loves.

I’m on chapter 18 and making good progress towards an exciting conclusion and reveal!  I’m also hoping this book is the first of three in a series!

Second, I’m working on an OLD book.  What!?  You heard me!  I’m updating the cover to my first self-published book The Rescue: The First Visitation of Thuria.  While I liked the book cover for several reasons, it really was “version one” of one my covers.  The paperback and Kindle versions will get the new cover update, and it will be shared by the audio book!  Also, both versions are getting plus-ups with drawings from Kat Miller and updated graphics!  This is in the home stretch with the Kindle and Audiobook already updated, and the paperback due in January.

Third, I’m working on a book … for someone else!  I don’t do this often, but as I have the knowledge of how to format a book and get it out there for sale, I had a couple of dear family friends reach out to me with a library of wonderful devotions and studies that will make a valuable life resource to anyone who picks it up.