My Full Rig: My go-to for most writing… The most critical consideration for my full-size writing rig is that it must have #Scrivener! Although I can struggle without it on my MinRig (the Kindle Fire described earlier), I have to reference my phone for Scrivener information – not great. I’ll also have to copy back into Scrivener at some point, also not great.

The key negative to this Lenovo Yoga and all of its accouterments, together, is that they clock in at a whopping 17 pounds. Now, please understand that I don’t mind lugging this around as I have a nice bag with a convenient padded shoulder strap. It also doesn’t hurt that my laptop boots as fast as a tablet and has tons of power and battery life.

A key positive, beyond its power, is also ergonomics. The keyboard is very responsive and well-sized, and with a thin mouse-pad draped over the edge, it’s pretty easy on the wrists. The screen is crystal clear and easy to position. It’s the first VERY GOOD laptop I’ve ever had for writing, and I’m really happy with it.

Now, my desktop is usually reserved for … well, what I’m doing right now – working on the website. It’s also used for editing and formatting the books. It’s a mid-level HP system that serves pretty well. And there is a little bit of info on what I use. Again, I really wish #Scrivener would come out with a version for Kindle Fire, but in the meantime, this is what I use most of the time.

See you in the future! JTL